Access & Security Policy RM Band Plymouth Roebuck Theatre Concerts

Access to and from HMS Raleigh is controlled by Military Provost Guard Service (MPGS) staff, under the direction of the Unit Security Officer, HMS Raleigh.

To ensure quick and easy access to the concert, all audience members must carry their tickets with them as this will allow them access into the establishment. No access will be granted to HMS Raleigh before 1845 to allow the necessary security provisions to be in place. All members of the public and their vehicles will be liable to search on entry to the establishment.

To assist with entry to HMS Raleigh, please can all audience members carry an additional form of identification with them to present with their tickets on arrival. This can include passport, driving licence or bankers card.

All audience members travelling by car are to enter the details of all cars, and all personnel travelling within each, as part of the ticket booking process. Failure to do this may result in the vehicle being refused entry on arrival at HMS Raleigh. In the event of vehicle details changing, please contact The Ticket Store who will be able to assist with this request. The deadline for changes to vehicle details will be 1100 on the day of the concert, to ensure that the correct details are held at HMS Raleigh as the audience arrives.

Audience members travelling by car will access HMS Raleigh via the main gate and be directed to park on the main parade ground before walking to the theatre. The maximum speed limit whilst on HMS Raleigh is 10mph and all consideration must be given to marching troops; these troops must not be overtaken under any circumstances.

There are a limited number of disabled car parking spaces close to the theatre and these are used on a first come, first served basis. In the event that all disabled spaces are full, disabled audience members can be dropped at the theatre before the vehicle carrying them moves to the main parade ground to park.

Audience members travelling by public transport, taxi or on foot should arrive at the main gate and will access HMS Raleigh on foot, before being directed to the Roebuck Theatre by the uniformed sentries throughout the establishment.

The MPGS reserve the right to decline anyone entry to HMS Raleigh to preserve to security of the establishment. Any audience member not adhering to the conditions above may be refused entry to HMS Raleigh which may result in a ban from the establishment for subsequent concerts.