Accessibility FAQs

The Nimbus registration Access Card will come into place in 2024

We will send out communications to all our customers in 2024 and let you know when you can book on-line using your Nimbus card.

Nimbus Disability is a social enterprise and an organisation run by and for disabled people. It is recognised as a leading authority on accessible ticketing in the UK.

Nimbus developed The Access Card in response to frustrations shared by disabled people and a major live music promoter in how disability was evidenced and needs for reasonable adjustments communicated.

For disabled people, the frustration was in repeatedly sending in personal documents which bore no direct relation to the needs of the individual.

For the venues, it was frustration in interpreting these documents and the additional admin burden it placed on their staff.

Since its initial development, the card is now widely accepted at major event venues across the UK and beyond.

We take our customer access needs very seriously and want to improve the online booking journey for customers with access requirements.

With Nimbus, we have will be launching a new registration scheme which will result in customers’ access requirements being linked to their Plymouth Pavilions account later in 2024. Customers will be able to choose the right seating requirements for all bookings for which we have access tickets available.

When your application has been processed successfully, Nimbus will provide you with a unique registration number via email which you can then use to link your access needs into our system.

Seats associated with your requirements will show on the seating plans when you book your tickets (where there is availability for those seats).

If you are having trouble registering, or have any questions about your application please contact Nimbus directly on and they will be happy to help.

Alternatively, you can find out more in their FAQs here