Roebuck Theatre Concerts Terms and Conditions

The Roebuck Theatre is owned by the Ministry of Defence, hereafter referenced as ‘the MOD’.

Tickets for Royal Marines Band concerts at the Roebuck Theatre are issued by Ticketek, are sold on behalf of theMOD, and are subject to the following terms and conditions of sale, in addition to Ticketek’s purchase policy.

For the full purchase policy please click here.

The MOD reserves the right to refuse the ticket holder admission to the Roebuck Theatre and does not take responsibility for duplicate tickets.

Due to health and safety requirements, and to ensure the best experience for our audience, dedicated wheelchair positions are allocated for all Roebuck Theatre concerts. Please inform Plymouth Pavilions if you require one of these positions at the time of booking. Without a ticket for one of these dedicated positions, wheelchair access to Roebuck Theatre concerts cannot be guaranteed and the MOD reserves the right to refuse entry.

The MOD takes no responsibility for tickets purchased via an agency (other than Ticketek) or third party, including individuals purchasing for a group.

Only tickets purchased from Ticketek are valid for admission to the concerts.

Tickets are required for each child attending a performance. Children under 2 years of age do not require a ticket and will not be allocated a seat, unless stated.

PLEASE NOTE: No access will be granted to HMS Raleigh before 1845 to allow the necessary security provisions to be in place.
The MOD reserves the right to refuse the ticket holder admission to the establishment, change programme details without notice and provide alternative seats to those specified on the tickets.

On arrival at HMS Raleigh, all visitors must be in possession of their tickets and a suitable form of photographic ID to gain entry to the establishment. Failure to produce either of these documents, if requested, may result in the individual being refused entry to HMS Raleigh. All vehicle details must be submitted as part of the ticketing process. Failure to submit your vehicle details could result in your vehicle being turned away on arrival at the establishment.

All visitors to HMS Raleigh must abide by the standing orders of the establishment. This includes driving at the advertised speeds and giving marching troops priority when moving around the establishment. Under no circumstances must marching troops be overtaken. Any person not abiding to the traffic policy on the establishment may be asked to leave the establishment and their vehicle banned from HMS Raleigh.

All visitors may be liable to bag and personnel searches if the security state requires.

In the event of an increase in the security state at HMS Raleigh, this will be advertised as soon as possible via and directions on how this may affect the arrangements for the evening will be displayed on the site.

Audience members must only visit the Roebuck Theatre and surrounding outlets as directed. Any unescorted audience member found in any other area of HMS Raleigh may be asked to leave the establishment and banned from subsequent concerts. In extreme circumstances, any individual found unescorted in HMS Raleigh could be reported to civil authorities.

Latecomers will only be allowed to enter the theatre during a suitable break in the performance, programme allowing.

The use of cameras, recording equipment and mobile telephones is strictly prohibited in the theatre.

No glass containers are to be taken into the theatre.

Any form of illegal, violent or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated.

The MOD does not allow dogs onto the establishment to attend concerts. The only exception to this is assistance dogs; if necessary please inform The Ticket Store during the ticketing process.

The MOD does not accept any responsibility for personal property brought onto the establishment.

In the event of a postponement of a concert, ticket holders will be offered replacement tickets for a new date when the concert is rearranged. In the event that the ticket holder cannot attend the rearranged date, refunds will be offered in line with the current terms and conditions of The Ticket Store.

In extreme cases, the MOD reserves the right to change the venue of the concert to another within HMS Raleigh, if deemed necessary.