Our Charity of the Year

Plymouth Pavilions is delighted to be supporting Live Wire Youth Project as our chosen charity for 2023/2024.

We’re Livewire Youth Music – the charity that’s all about using contemporary music to unlock creativity and support young people on their journey through adolescence and into adulthood.

The young people who attend Livewire are here because they have a passion for making music and have discovered that we will enable their musical ambitions and dreams through the provision of a staggering range of FREE lessons and hands-on experiences. Additionally, many come through our doors to make new friends who share their enthusiasm for this most personally expressive of art forms.

We’re also able to help our few young people who have challenges to conquer them, regardless of what they’re facing in the outside world. We’re adept at enabling them to reach their potential with and without music and we have thirty years’ experience of doing this, effectively. If you want to know more about our unique mental health support services, click here. Ultimately our aim is to change young lives and encourage productive activity, using music and music technology as a catalyst for all young people with an interest in music.

The dynamic mix of young people who make up our membership is highly inclusive, and when it comes to things to do in Cornwall, Livewire is the place to be. Many of our young people improve their employability chances and some go on to full-time music study, ultimately making careers as a music producer, or in audio engineering, sound engineering, live sound, stage lighting or session musicians.

If you know a young person aged between 10 and 21 who’s asking, ‘Are there any youth clubs near me, or, how do I go about forming a band?’, we offer it all, with much more going on than just making live music – we’re one of those rare beasts working with music education hubs. Practically speaking, we rock Cornwall!

For more information, please head over to their official website: https://livewireyouth.com/about-us/