At Plymouth Pavilions we realise the importance of both respecting and protecting our environment. Plymouth Pavilions is the largest entertainment venue in the South West, and sees over 150,000 customers through its doors each year. We are committed to promoting sustainability where possible and given the nature of our business. We aim to reduce the environmental impact of all our activities. All events contribute to global warming and climate change through CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, which result from delegate, customer and client travel to and from our venue. We are already working to reduce venue emissions by implementing green technologies and new environmental management systems.


We will work together with our clients and event organisers to reduce the effect of their individual events on the environment, through reducing the need, or use, for paper, utilities, transport to and from the venue, waste production, and packaging; together with a strong ethic of re-use and recycle wherever possible.


We will ensure our customers are aware of our efforts to reduce waste, and how we collect and dispose of recyclable and non-recyclable waste.

We offer customers the option to receive tickets on email, to reduce the need for paper.


We will ensure that during any product or building development or alterations, we will embrace where appropriate, an environmentally – friendly approach.


We will do our utmost to implement an environmentally sound approach to purchasing. Where possible we will consider delivery methods, reduced packaging, and minimise single use plastic (we no longer offer straws), to reduce the impact on our global footprint.


We adhere to a strict regime of recycling. We encourage our customers to leave their rubbish for our cleaning staff to sort and dispose of accordingly.


We are members of the Plymouth Waterfront Partnership Business Improvement District. The Plymouth Britain’s Ocean City Waterfront area is the first city district in the UK to achieve the Plastic Free accreditation from Surfers Against Sewage, in recognition of the effort to remove single-use plastics from circulation. This accolade marks the first delivery of the city’s ambitious Plan for Plastics, driven by a strong partnership of city-wide organisations, such as Plymouth Pavilions and community representatives.