Plymouth Pavilions Accessibility


We are always looking to improve Plymouth Pavilions accessibility and the booking journey for customers with access requirements. 

During 2024 we are aiming to launch our brand new Access Registration scheme in partnership with Nimbus Disability in 2024. Nimbus Disability is a social enterprise and an organisation run by and for disabled people and is recognised as a leading authority on accessible ticketing in the UK. We will email all our customers with the details when this partnership happens. In the meantime, please simply email

Our partnership with Nimbus Disability will further improve Plymouth Pavilions accessibility and booking journey by offering online booking for the first time, through this new access registration scheme. Registering is a three-step process, is valid for three years and is completely free.

This scheme will enable you to:

  • View and book wheelchair spaces online
  • Book in essential companions online
  • View all discounts available to you online, based on your needs

What happens next?

  • When your application has been processed successfully, Nimbus will provide you with a unique registration number via email which you will then be able to use to link your access needs into our system.
  • After you have done this we simply pull through your requirements directly from Nimbus. When booking tickets online, seats associated to your requirements will show automatically on the seating plans, where there is availability for those

Useful Information

  • If you are not able to use online forms and would be unable to access online sales you do still need to register. Nimbus will be able to assist with telephone registration on 0330 808 5108.
  • If you already have The Access Card, you will be able to link it to your new Account with us.

Have more questions or need more information? We’ve compiled a list of questions and answers in our help centre.

The Access Card

You can upgrade your free registration to a full Access Card application, it costs £15 and is valid for 3 years. You can find out more information on The Access Card provided by Nimbus here.

The full card provides you with the same benefits as the free registration, as well as:

  • Recognised at venues across the UK & beyond
  • Potential free companion tickets at events and venues across the UK
  • Receive a Photo ID card with symbols relating to accessibility needs
  • Informative online access directory
  • Access to a closed Facebook Community group